04/27/2013 - InterAksyon (Interaction) - Masculine Charice’s photos with pretty girl sends shockwaves online Vipird10

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04/27/2013 - InterAksyon (Interaction) - Masculine Charice’s photos with pretty girl sends shockwaves online

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Masculine Charice’s photos with pretty girl sends shockwaves online

By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.com · Saturday, April 27, 2013 · 12:07 pm

04/27/2013 - InterAksyon (Interaction) - Masculine Charice’s photos with pretty girl sends shockwaves online Charice-twitpic-500x500A netizen with the handle krizzy_kalerQUI posted this collage of a very masculine-looking Charice with an unidentified girl on Twitter on Friday.

When international singing sensation Charice Pempengco, now simply known as Charice, first drastically altered her looks last year, not a few fans were shocked with the short, chestnut brown hair, the “Love Eternally” tattoo and the devil-may-care attitude that she insisted was just an expression of her individuality.

Once again, that individuality is expressed in a new way. In what looks like Charice Version 3.0, the diminutive singer has opted for an even more boyish look, dyeing her even shorter hair black, styling it with baby bangs and wearing conventional boys’ clothes.

Earlier, it was reported that her mom had been upset with this newer look although they seem to be okay by now.

But even as the new look continues to raise questions about Charice’s sexual orientation, a new collage of photos of Charice showing her beside a still unnamed pretty young lady does little to change this increasing impression.

While neither Charice, who is currently in Hawaii and apparently did not post the photos herself, nor the Twitter user @krizzy_kalerQUI attributed to posting it have identified who the girl is, some Twitter users who posted their reactions are already assuming that it’s Charice’s girlfriend.

Some even went as far as comparing Charice to Aiza Seguerra, the former child star and now accomplished singer-songwriter who came out of the closet in 2007. Despite her increasingly changing appearance and all the speculations about it, Charice has not made any public announcement about her sexual preference to date.

UPDATE: Upon reading this story, Twitter user Don Timbol (@DonTimbol) tweeted that the girl’s name is Charm Laguitao. According to Timbol, the girl’s boyfriend is a friend of Charice.

Storify by Edwin Sallan
Charice's latest photos with unidentified pretty girl send shockwaves to Twitterverse anew

Abby Haleco ❤
Anyare kay Charice? [What happened to Charice?]

04/27/2013 - InterAksyon (Interaction) - Masculine Charice’s photos with pretty girl sends shockwaves online ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FBIyFt5FCQAIAU3nNACACALOCA![This is crazy!] RT @wickedkhriz: @krizzy_kalerQUI hello daw po sabi ni charice! [Charice wants to say Hello!]pic.twitter.com/v7xgfeeGgS

Darwin Ace Ermitanio
Taray ni pareng Charice may girlfriend hahahaha! [Charice, dude, has a girlfriend]

Is Charice a lesbi? :0

Haina Francisco
Anong nangyare kay charice? :o idol si aiza =)))) [What happened to Charice? She idolizes Aiza]

Mark P
I actually feel for Charice. She's being judged for being herself by people pretending to promote the "be-yourself" movement.

Cedric Cordero
Mas gwapo pa si Charice sa'kin ngayon. [Charice is more handsome than me.]

∞ Chesca Azurin ∞
About Charice's picture with a girl, let's not Jump to conclusion. Malay ba natin kung friend or relative nya yun. [Maybe it's her friend or relative.]#DontJudge

Don Ashli Mal Abana
"Anong nangyari sa ating dalawa?" ["What happened to the two of us?], Aiza Siguerra talking to Charice Pempengco

John Carlo Bunsay
medyo bad boy na pala si charice ngayon :))[Charice seems to be a bad boy now]

The Man of Steel ✍
Totoo bang Girlfriend ni Charice yon? Ang Ganda. o.O #WTF [Is it true that she's the girlfriend of Charice? She's beautiful.]

Madchen Salvador
Charice yung totoo idol mo si Aiza Seguerra ??? [Charice, for real, is Aiza Seguerra your idol?]

James Shin Hernane
not a fan of Charice but..... RESPECT

Danilo Lamano
Grabe! Mukhang lalake na talaga si Charice :O [Oh my! Charice really looks like a man]

Pei Chin 패정
@ChaRice_ohm girl... what happen to you?

@Chaster_Rizma Cool picture, i hope Charice will soon rock again.

Paul Alcantara
Charice Pempengco has a hotter girlfriend than you how do you feel about that huh

Ang pogi ko, shet!
Ang ganda nung rumored girlfriend ni Charice!!! :O [Charice's rumored girlfriend is pretty.]

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