More Details on Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco’s Alleged Elopement with Her Childhood Friend Vipird10

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More Details on Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco’s Alleged Elopement with Her Childhood Friend

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More Details on Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco’s Alleged Elopement with Her Childhood Friend
By Vittorio Hernandez | May 19, 2013 1:35 PM EST
Despite the deafening silence from former Glee star Charice Pempengco on her plan to admit to the public she is a lesbian, more details about her alleged elopement with another female singer are coming out, fuelling more speculations about her gender preference.
More Details on Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco’s Alleged Elopement with Her Childhood Friend 371220
The details were provided by Robert Ybera, said to be her baptismal godfather. Ybera talked to TV 5's The Latest show on Saturday night and provided more details about the latest in the international singer's whirlwind personal life. Ybera's revelations were an offshoot of Charice's maternal grandmother, Tess Relucio's disclosure on The Latest last week that the 21-year-old singer had a confrontation with her mother Raquel in April because the mother tried to convince Charice to go home after allegedly eloping with Alyssa Quijano, an upcoming singer who was a contestant in a talent competition TV show where Charice sat as a judge/mentor.
It seems that the ties between the two women go all way back in the Bulilit Little Star contest where the two competed in 2004.
Ybera admitted not being at Alfonso, Cavite, where Raquel found Charice and Alyssa together, but said details were provided by Raquel about the confrontation between mother and daughter, resulting in Charice physically hurting her mother and the incident being recorded in police blotter. The mother of Alyssa, identified as Lily, was also quoted in reports that she has sought the help in breaking up the couple and succeeded in getting her daughter back.
The incident is said to be the cause of the estrangement between Raquel and Charice, but the mother is now blaming Ybera for the release of the details of the alleged elopement which is causing the swirl of rumours about Charice's gender preference. Ybera disclosed he is not related to the Pempengcos but was their neighbour in Gulod, Cabuyao, Laguna, where Raquel and her two children - Charice and Carl - lived in very poor condition that they did not even have chairs or sleeping mats. Ybera claimed he helped the Pempengcos during the early days of Charice's foray into show business, with him driving her to ABS-CBN for competing and guesting in TV shows, introducing a Grace Mendoza to the Pempengcos who eventually served as her manager until she was later replaced and standing as Charice's and Carl's godparent during their baptism at the Immaculate Conception Church in May 2010 to the Catholic Church from the Iglesia in Kristo sect. Raquel allegedly gave her approval for Ybera to release the details of the Pempengco family crisis to media, but she later questioned his motives for doing so. With so many people now involved and the mystery going beyond Charice's gender preference, it seems the only way for it to be clarified is a statement from the Pyramid singer. However, both she as well as those from Alyssa's camp opt to remain silent for now, although her new photo in Twitter again resurfaced showing her in men's apparel and short hair that were the cause of her fans doubting Charice's sexual orientation.
More Details on Former Glee Star Charice Pempengco’s Alleged Elopement with Her Childhood Friend 371222
In her attempt to appease Charice, the family breadwinner, Raquel has said that she is willing to accept her daughter's choices in her life, but Ybera appears to be addressing her in his May 4 Facebook status which read:
Wag kang tatahimik kung alam mong ikaw ang nasa tama... Sapagkat kapag di ka kumibo at di ka nagreklamo... Iisipin nila na okay ka lang at tama ang kanilang ginagawa. Paminsan minsan kailangan naman natin magsalita para sa ating sarili... sapagkat kung hindi, ikaw at ikaw lang naman sasalo ng pang-aabuso nila. Cheer up and stand for your right!!! May karapatan din tayo hindi lang puro sila!
(Translation: Don't be silent if you know you are right ... Because if you don't speak up and complain ... People will think everything is okay and what they are doing is right. Once in a while, were need to have our voices heard for our own sake... Because if we don't, you and you alone will bear the consequences of their abuse. Cheer up and stand for your right!!! Not only they, but we also have our rights!)

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