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Must Read Before Posting: weheartCHARICE House Rules

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House Rules

  1. ENGLISH Only.

  2. Do not write posts in all caps (LIKE THIS), annoying styles (LiKe tHiS), or in text shorthand (lyk dis).

  3. Keep your posts G-rated/family friendly.

  4. No explicit, offensive, crude, or hurtful language should ever be posted.

  5. Do not post offensive or inappropriate photos/videos.

  6. Do not share links that knowingly contain illegal downloads or inappropriate content.

  7. Please show respect for yourself, others, and Charice.

  8. Respect other members’ opinions.

  9. Please limit political and religious discussions.

  10. Do not share personal information.

  11. Stay on topic. If you want to start a new discussion, create a separate thread.

  12. No spamming.

  13. No trolling.

  14. No flaming.

  15. Do not use the forum to promote a product, service or business of your own.

  16. Always include information and/or links to written works/photos/videos that are not your own.

  17. We request that members not act as back-seat moderators. Moderators have been entrusted with the duty of managing and maintaining the site. You may share your opinions/concerns, but please ultimately respect the decisions of our moderators.


For a member’s FIRST offense, they will get a warning. After the THIRD warning a ban will be issued (length of ban depends on gravity of offense).

Moderators reserve the right to take administrative action as they deem fit.

Immediate banning may be issued (but is not limited to) for trolling, flaming and spamming.

If you are unclear about any of the above rules or want further elaboration, please post below so we can address your question.

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I agree with the rules and i wont post anything that are offensive or inappropriate cuz I love Charice!

3Must Read Before Posting: weheartCHARICE House Rules Empty hi guys... on September 10th 2012, 4:15 am

gabriel Rodriguez

gabriel Rodriguez
I m also newbie..your most welcome to this community. Hope you will stay over here for long time with us...... Cheers!

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