04/18/12 - Philippine Daily Inquirer - Greyson’s chance at fame happened in the blink of an eye Vipird10

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04/18/12 - Philippine Daily Inquirer - Greyson’s chance at fame happened in the blink of an eye

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Greyson’s chance at fame happened in the blink of an eye
By: Pocholo Concepcion
Philippine Daily Inquirer
April 18, 2012 | 8:27 pm

04/18/12 - Philippine Daily Inquirer - Greyson’s chance at fame happened in the blink of an eye 300x168xgreyson-chance-300x168.jpg.pagespeed.ic.m46piVGsbJ

Greyson Chance may have been thrust into the limelight in the blink of an eye, but there’s good reason to believe that he’s the real deal.

It took only one video of the Texas-born Chance playing the piano and singing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on YouTube for TV host Ellen DeGeneres to make her move. After seeing the video, she invited Chance to perform on her show, and then signed him two weeks later as the first artist on her newly formed record label, eleveneleven.

Proof that Chance is not merely hype can be found on his debut album, “Hold On ’Til the Night,” in which he cowrote six of the 10 tracks. A video of the album’s first single, “Waiting Outside the Lines,” can also be viewed on YouTube.

The Inquirer had an e-mail chat with the budding 14-year-old singer-songwriter before his concert on Sunday, April 22, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

You’ve been promoting your debut album in Asia. What is it like to perform in foreign countries?

It is a lot of fun to have the chance to venture out to a foreign country and meet the fans and get to experience different cultures. I always enjoy it when I travel outside the US. And I love all of my Asian fans!

You’re credited in the album as cowriter of several tracks including “Waiting Outside the Lines.” What was your actual contribution in these songs?

I wrote “Waiting Outside the Lines” with a group of songwriters. My creative contributions to the song were very considerable; as they are on everything I work on.

Things happened very fast from your “Paparazzi” video on YouTube to appearing on “Ellen” to your signing a record deal. How does it all make sense to you now?

I have been writing and performing my music for two years now; it has become a normal life. I love what I get to do! Songwriting is the most important thing to me.

Did you really want to become a professional music artist?

I think if I didn’t want to become an artist I wouldn’t be doing it. I have always wanted to be a performer and a songwriter.

Whose idea was it to feature Charice in the remix of “Waiting Outside the Lines”?

It was my and my manager’s idea. I love Charice, she is so talented.

You and Charice were both discovered on YouTube. Do you get to watch other videos of interesting but unknown talents?

I am always looking for videos on YouTube of kids doing the same thing that I did. I love seeing young talent getting their chance to shine in the world.

How do you want to be recognized as an artist in the next few years?

I want to be recognized as a musician. Many people tend to look at young artists as just “figureheads.” My goal is to show people that I am a real musician.

You obviously love Lady Gaga. Which other musicians impress you and why?

Many different artists and music genres inspire me. I love rock, electronica, rap, pop, and I really am starting to love the blues lately—it makes me want to party! One artist I am very inspired by right now is Ed Sheeran. His album sounds great.

How hectic is your schedule these days, and are you still in school?

My schedule is planned to the minute! But yes, I still do school. I do all my studies online and with my tutor.

What’s the best part of being in the music scene at such a young age?

I think the best thing is that I can really relate to my fans. I see myself in them; they inspire me to write music for them.


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