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woman-lab.jp - Interview with Charice

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Google translated from Japanese
Interview with Charice

woman-lab.jp - Interview with Charice 2

Will be an explosive topic in the YouTube "singing ability is amazing!", And recorded about 15 million viewers. TV talk show appearance on "Oprah Winfrey Show" ** It is said that there will be the most influential in the United States, showing off singing skills, the overwhelming performance of the Oprah enough to Namidaguma. Also appeared as an actress in TV drama series Glee Season 2 was a social phenomenon in the United States! Topped 200,000 copies of Western exceptional as a rookie! Long has been growing in popularity across the generations hit.

Why did you become an artist?

I do not mean that was thought, would be singing because it was obvious. Was to be a singer in the flow of natural. I thought at the time of the elementary school and started out the contest, but to become a singer. Is not very fun at the same time I want to sing has been supporting the family. Now we are glad and grateful singer accustomed to.

Among the activities of the timing of the slump so far,
Do you have any thing terribly depressed?

Challenged in the whole body and soul is not enthusiastic about that I came out to show there was a big audition at the age of 13, and show absolutely to win. But the result is in third place. This frustrates me so frustrated anymore. Was living alone at home all crying. Shimao is did you want to quit the singer If that do not already doing so far. You did get over it encouraged me to become familiar with prospective What mom "I absolutely should have a good time but also there are times when such" such to me. Chagrin of at that time I remember even now already.

Film about the impact of this gave also good as that shaped me?

One Piece. It is Doraemon with it. Childhood that had been working till late mother is not missed. I was watching cartoons with my brother so. And they wear a Doraemon comic box the other day. Are you're trying to get to read it now. I was looking at the other Japanese animation. Nothing really occurs in the title but I've got lot · · ·.


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