06/22/12 - Examiner - Jessica Sanchez is joining ‘Glee’: Will she one day sing with Sunshine Corazon? Vipird10

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06/22/12 - Examiner - Jessica Sanchez is joining ‘Glee’: Will she one day sing with Sunshine Corazon?

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Charice article
Jessica Sanchez is joining ‘Glee’: Will she one day sing with Sunshine Corazon?
Rainne Mendoza Celespara
Houston Generation X Examiner

06/22/12 - Examiner - Jessica Sanchez is joining ‘Glee’: Will she one day sing with Sunshine Corazon? E13bd0e4b5d626d977abbd3b57c75cd2

Remember Sunshine Corazon?

The role of the Filipino exchange student played excellently by international pop star Charice caused a bit of a stir among primetime viewers when the young songstress wowed the mainstays of TV sensation “Glee” and their millions of fans with her powerful voice.

Sunshine only appeared a few times in the series but her vocal performances were a true musical experience to enjoy and behold.

But guess what?

“Glee” is getting ready to fire another one of its vocal ammunition this fall to add more spice to the musical’s intricately exciting episodes and powerhouse cast, this time, in the powerful voice of the Filipino-Mexican-American runner up in last season’s “American Idol”.

According to news reports, the petite 16 year old from California is in final negotiations with “Glee” regarding her brief stint in the high school musical along with Rachel, Finn, and the rest of the “teenage” bunch which would probably be aired towards the end of Season 4. No news on what her role would be either.

Jessica is currently busy getting ready with the 'American Idol' tour with some shows to be held outside the United States including Canada and her mother’s native home, the Philippines. The young singer is also working on her first album.

Just a few weeks ago, the sports world showed its seeming infatuation and enthusiasm for the young girl’s extraordinary vocals by inviting her to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” in two high profile sports events in boxing and basketball, the controversial Pacquiao – Bradley fight and Game 1 of the NBA Finals between The Miami Heat and The Oklahoma City Thunder, respectively.

For Jessica’s upcoming appearances on “Glee”, wouldn’t it be great if Sunshine Corazon would come back in one of the much anticipated episodes to sing with Jessica?

For me, vocal goddesses Charice and Jessica in the same show and on the same stage would definitely be one of the most powerful musical experiences of a lifetime.

Not sure how their respective fans would react though.

Hopefully, it wouldn't be treated as a showdown on who can sing the highest notes or who can interpret the song better but rather as a celebration of two of the most powerful voices of this generation.


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If Jessica does appear on Glee, I hope she is a decent actress. There was a lot of resentment towards Sunshine(Charice) because they felt she was upstaging Rachel(Lea Michele). These people, fans of Lea Michele, did not seem to realize that Charice and Lea were playing a part and were best friends offstage. These critics could not criticise Charice's singing so they attacked her acting ability. (Charice's acting improved with each appearance).

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