08/14/12 - ABS-CBN News - Gary defends Charice over X Factor votes Vipird10

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08/14/12 - ABS-CBN News - Gary defends Charice over X Factor votes

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Charice-related article - Gary defends Charice over X Factor votes
Gary defends Charice over X Factor votes
Posted at 08/14/2012 10:43 AM | Updated as of 08/14/2012 2:20 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano defended Charice over the controversial voting that happened on ABS-CBN's show "The X Factor Philippines" on Sunday night.

Some people lambasted Charice for voting to eliminate versatile crooner Mark Mabasa from the competition.

In his official statement, Valenciano said he, Charice and fellow X Factor judges Martin Nievera and Pilita Corrales were torn between eliminating Mabasa and boy band "Take-Off."

"Charice has gotten a lot flak for whatever reasons people choose to find, but it was obvious that she was torn. Many say 'Kung hirap kang mag judge eh dapat di na lang naging judge.' That’s the nature of X Factor. It’s intense and it really moves the judge/mentor to his/her limit. Charice really struggled because like me, she was moved by both Mark and Takeoff," Valenciano explained.

Charice's vote to eliminate Mabasa led to a split decision among the judges. Two of the judges, Nievera and Corrales, voted to boot out band Take Off while Gary and Charice chose Mabasa.

In the end, Mabasa was removed after garnering fewer votes than Take Off.

In his statement, Valenciano said Charice could have chosen to get back at him and voted to eliminate Take Off especially since it was his vote that led to the elimination of Jerrianne Templo during the first X Factor elimination night. Templo was one of the contestants being mentored by Charice in the Girls category.

"Charice could’ve made 'ganti' because I was the one who voted her contestant, Jerriane, out the week before. BUT she did none of that, and like Martin, she went with her gut feel and chose Mark to exit," Valenciano added.

Valenciano also explained the reason why he gave all positive comments last Saturday. He said that during rehearsals, all of the contestants performed really well.

However, he noticed that the finalists had a problem delivering their songs because of a problem with the sound system during the actual performances.

"As the performances started on Saturday night, I noticed how many of the singers did less than what I expected of them. As a performer of 29 years i felt something wasn’t right. It was my gut feel that perhaps something MAY have happened to the sound they got used to hearing the night before. This is the reason I gave my positive comments, because frankly speaking, to pull off a good performance when you can’t seem to hear your voice or the instruments, is truly commendable. I knew what many of them were going thru even before i spoke to them after Saturday night’s performances. The feedback I got from artists, including those NOT from my category, was a confirmation that something had happened to the sound."

Valenciano said he stood by his comments especially since he knew how hard it is to sing when there are technical glitches.

"I have read how many have accused us judges of being too nice to these artists. I was forgiving. I would like to believe though that I was consistent to what I was feeling deep deep within me. And I will stand by those comments because I knew things that they were going through; things that would make even the most professional artists, shudder with 'inis' because it’s a situation that fails to bring out the best in any artist," he said.

Valenciano also appealed to X Factor viewers to do their part and support the contestants.

"IF you believe in the artist you hear, see, and feel, DO JUST ONE THING….VOTE…and then vote again. You are given enough time to do all this. Do not confidently rely on the votes of others for the artist you believe in because in the end, yours may be what counts the most.Thank you for your time, patience, and hopefully your understanding as well. God bless. I love you all.Peace!," Valenciano ended.

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