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06/11/11 - Manila Bulletin- Charice confronts haters with video

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Charice-related article - Charice confronts haters with video
Charice confronts haters with video
Manila Bulletin
June 6, 2011, 9:04am

MANILA, Philippines -- While shopping for the perfect month to officially launch her new album, Charice strategized this new career chapter by opting first to release a new video for a song she “dedicates to haters.”

The Filipina international teen celebrity disclosed to Teen.com that she is pushing for the cut “Louder” to get video priority.

“We’re gonna do the music video for ‘Louder’ because I really love to dance and the song is really an inspirational song. I can totally dedicate that to all the haters out there,” the 18-year old “Pyramid” hitmaker said.

She then detailed how the lyrics of the song serve as perfect weapon against critics. “You know, like, I don’t need you. I don’t need no shoulder, you know? I’m gonna be a soldier. No one can bring me down. I’m just gonna do this and be brave. That’s why it’s called ‘Louder’ because you being brave is so much louder than you being weak.”

Confident about the cut, she went on: “It’s such an amazing song, such an inspirational song.”

In the same Teen.com interview posted May 31, TV's Sunshine Corazon felt the song has “Glee” elements written all over it. “That ('Louder' getting 'Glee' exposure) would be amazing! Especially if I’m gonna do a dance that would be a perfect song. Let me call him (Ryan Murphy, the show's co-creator). Hello? That would be awesome.”

The album, which is expected to contain collaborations with Nick Jonas and Bruno Mars, has yet to be titled. “We’re still thinking about it. I’m still working on some more songs right now to put on the album and still gonna work on the music video, but once we finish all that, we’re gonna think about the title and the release date. But definitely it’s gonna come out maybe around October or something like that. Right now I can’t say anything [else] about it (collaboration with other acts), but it’s pretty exciting because I’ve worked with these great people and I can’t wait for my fans to see the back of the album. For sure, they’d be like, ‘Whoa, really? She worked with them?’ So, it’ll be amazing.”

Charice also told Teen.com how she never gets used to hearing rave comments about her voice that she tends to feel “embarrassed” listening to positive reviews because she herself is a fan of other singers' range.

“It is very cool, but at the same time it’s kind of like a big responsibility because every time you go somewhere or you perform or anything, you always have to show the people that you deserve that compliment. Nerve wracking!”

Global endorsements

Charice is also becoming a brand in teen Hollywood these days. Two articles about the belter as endorser recently came out via Business Wire (for Orange flavor of Life Savers® Gummies Flavor Vote) and Justjaredjr.com (for Acuve® Moist® Brand Contact Lenses campaign).

Life Savers is currently encouraging voters in the US to pick a new flavor, and Charice signed up to rally Orange. “I wanted to support the Orange Life Savers Gummies because I’m all for the underdog, and in the world of candy, I think Orange doesn’t get enough attention. Some great people helped me out early in my career by sharing my music with their friends and I want to be that person for Orange – I want to share his story. He may not be the most sporty or social of the group, but he’s clever, smart and tasty,” explained Charice who dropped other candidates Blue Raspberry and Lemonade.

Meanwhile, she joins Joe Jonas, Meaghan Martin, Sterling Knight and runner Allyson Felix for the Acuve product promo where participants are invited to pick from the mentioned celebrities for a chance to be coached by them for a day. It is for this campaign that Charice did the song “One Day.”

As a “celebrity mentor,” Charice encouraged fans “never to give up.” She said, “One Day isn’t just the name of my song, it’s an anthem for anyone whose dreams might seem bigger than life or unattainable, but they don’t give up. If you have that spirit, you can succeed.”

For his part, Joe Jonas wanted followers to do what they love. He said, “I’d love to work with an aspiring musician or singer. Even when I was acting, music was always very important to me, to my family and I just can’t imagine not doing it. I’m excited to help someone focus on what steps they can take today to turn their passion into a career.”

The other celebrities chose the following coaching themes: “Overcoming adversity” for Allyson Felix, “finding your focus” for Sterling Knight and “accepting yourself” for Meaghan Martin.

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