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10/13/12 - Manila Bulletin - Stars Reinvented

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110/13/12 - Manila Bulletin - Stars Reinvented Empty 10/13/12 - Manila Bulletin - Stars Reinvented on October 15th 2012, 3:48 pm


Charice-related article - Stars Reinvented
Stars Reinvented
October 13, 2012, 10:41am

10/13/12 - Manila Bulletin - Stars Reinvented Stars-reinvented-resized-mb
(Clockwise, from left): Charice, Christian, and Sandara are just three of the many celebs that have sought to reinvent themselves. Will Kedebon follow suit? (Publicity photos, Dara’s courtesy of YG Entertainment)

MANILA, Philippines – French author and nobleman François de La Rochefoucauld was right in saying “the only constant thing in life is change.”

Where else can change be best observed than in show business? Stars don’t often fancy themselves being stuck doing one thing for a long time and are always raring to do things outside their comfort zones. Mainstream acts go indie; singers act and actors sing; teenyboppers pose in men’s magazines in bikinis or, in the case of the more daring ones, even in their birthday suits. Then, of course, there are also those who opt to change only their physical appearance, whether for kicks or as part of a greater reinvention. It’s all part of being in the entertainment industry.

Bulletin Entertainment lists three stars that have gone through the most remarkable changes and generated quite a buzz after doing so.

Last March, young international Filipino singer Charice shocked the public when she appeared in the press conference for her concert in Manila with her signature dark tresses chopped and dyed blonde. Inked on her left arm were the words “Love eternally,” with the infinity symbol between the words. According to her, the change is just a manifestation of the real her and that she’s happy with it.

But things didn’t stop there. Charice had since undergone numerous hair color and style changes and acquired two more tattoos – “I never knew true love until someone broke my heart” and “"I'M A CHILD CALLED 'IT’.” Outside her undeniable exceptional singing prowess, these brazen changes earned her the public’s adoration, ire, amusement, and every reaction in between. Currently, Charice is busy promoting her Hollywood flick, “Here Comes the Boom” after wrapping up judge/mentor duties on “X Factor” Philippines.

For most Filipinos, Sandara Park cannot be mentioned without her famous moniker, “pambansang krungkrung.” Though she’s been back in her homeland of South Korea for years now and has shifted careers from being an actress here to becoming a Korean idol, it seems Pinoys will always have a soft spot for her.

Sandara and her family, which includes younger brother, used to reside in the Philippines. Here, Sandara studied and joined a reality star search where she finished as runner-up. After years of living and studying here (along with her brother Cheondoong, who is now known as Thunder from the K-pop group MBLAQ), acting in teen-oriented shows and rom-coms, and even releasing a couple of Filipino singles, she later emerged as Dara (with the outrageous hairstyles such as the "unicorn" hair and the half shaved head) of the highly successful K-pop girl group 2NE1. Yet she still maintains her relationship with her local fans with whom she speaks in the vernacular and still identifies herself with her unique nickname—from her Twitter handle (@krungy21) to a brief mention in her bio (where she is called “Pambansang krungkrung ng Pilipinas”).

Christian Bautista has always been known as one of the country’s premiere young balladeers. He managed to carve a niche not only here but also in nearby Asian countries such as Singapore and Indonesia, where his song “The Way You Look At Me” became a massive hit.

But Christian, after playing a few small roles in local TV years prior, was able to show off more of his acting skills after bagging lead roles in the pan-Asian musical “The Kitchen Musical” and the Indonesian movie, “A Special Symphony” all in 2011. The “Asiansation” has also given his singing career a boost by including more upbeat songs in his latest album “Outbound,” and even dancing in his music video for the single “All That’s Left.” Christian continues to expand his boundaries as he performs on the weekly variety show, “ASAP Rocks.”

Special Mention: Kedebon Colim was one of the more popular contenders of “X Factor” Philippines, especially to local netizens. Even without religiously watching the show, one glimpse on Twitter’s local trending topics come Saturday and Sunday evening during the last few months would allow its users to see the public’s perception of the young aspiring singer. Thankfully, Kedebon doesn’t mind his haters that much and had even thanked them profusely once in a recent live interview with “The Buzz.”

Yet, Kedebon’s actual dream was to become an actor, something he revealed on “Umagang Kay Ganda.” Immediately, his skills were put to test by acting out a courtship scene alongside his crush Bianca Gonzales – in English, no less.

Things have definitely changed for the former construction worker. Though at the verge of fulfilling his longtime dream, his success outside the talent show still remains to be seen.

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