Crescent Moon (Mikazuki) - Ayaka Cover - July 19,2010 Vipird10

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Crescent Moon (Mikazuki) - Ayaka Cover - July 19,2010

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Crescent Moon - J. Wave Radio July 19,2010

Crescent Moon w/Lyrics

Crescent Moon on Japanese TV Besthouse

Ayaka Live - Mikazuki (Crescent Moon) Dec 2008

Ayaka Live - Mikazuki - no date

Note: Charice included Crescent Moon in the Japanese version of her debut album "Charice". Around the time Charice recorded "Crescent Moon" Ayaka stopped her music career due to a throid condition.

Lastly the first part of the Crescent Moon w/lyrics was from the animated movie "Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within" (2001). This movie was one of the first of its kind with regards to animation. Unfortunately the producer, Chris Lee, could not use his own script but had to settle for that of the person financing the movie, the man who invented the video game. He insisted that the movie follow the video game. The movie received limited success, otherwise it might have been a better movie.

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