5/17/11 - The Philippine Star - Has Charice been gobbled up by 'American system'? Vipird10

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5/17/11 - The Philippine Star - Has Charice been gobbled up by 'American system'?

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Has Charice been gobbled up by 'American system'?

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo, The Philippine Star
Posted at 05/17/2011 9:25 AM | Updated as of 05/17/2011 12:50 PM

5/17/11 - The Philippine Star - Has Charice been gobbled up by 'American system'? Ent1x
Immigration lawyer/STAR columnist Michael Gurfinkel with Charice and her mom Raquel and brother Carl

Parting is such sweet sorrow?

Not always, not all the time.

Parting can be painfully sorrowful especially if it happens between family members.

Case in point: Charice and immigration lawyer/STAR columnist Michael Gurfinkel and his wife Millie. The couple considers Charice family.

Since I’d been hearing about it for a few weeks now, I felt more sad than shocked when I read Jojo Gabinete’s Abante column The Source last week, headlined Charice ‘tinalikuran’ ang abogadong tumulong sa kanya noon! [Charice turned her back on the lawyers who helped her in the past].

What happened? A little sleuthing and I discovered that Charice has been told by her new foreigner “advisers” that since she’s 18 (actually, she turned 19 this month), she should be “on her own” just like American post-teens are expected to be and in the process she’s “alienated” from people who have helped her to be where she is now, including the Gurfinkel couple who has been treating her as their own daughter.

I know for a fact that Charice owes Michael and Millie a lot. It was Michael and Millie who facilitated the last-minute issuance of Charice and her mom Raquel’s visa in December 2007 when Charice had to fly posthaste to the US for her guesting on Ellen DeGeneres’ show after she was discovered on the YouTube. It was Michael and Millie who said no to billeting Charice and Raquel in a hotel and welcomed them to the Gurfinkels’ home in Beverly Hills. It was Michael and Millie who worked for the issuance of Charice and Raquel’s passport and US visas after they lost their documents at a restaurant in Laguna, that’s why they made it in time for another guesting in a US TV show, this time that of Oprah Winfrey’s. In short, it was Michael and Millie who paved the way for Charice to the international stage.

And now, this. Whatever happened to utang na loob? [debt of gratitude] (Trivia: It was Ellen DeGeneres who discovered her but does Charice ever mention Ellen every time she thanks those who have helped her? No!)

Even the local press has felt this sudden change in Charice when she came home early this year to guest in a show put up by Joel Cruz. Cordoned off by her American bodyguards, Charice refused to be interviewed by the local press. During the presscon for the David Foster show last year, Charice’s foreign “handlers” tried but failed to bar the local press from getting near her and asking more questions; the foreign “handlers” acted as if the local press would eat Charice alive.

Okay, so Charice may not have any choice but to follow (or be gobbled up by?) the American system (which is “alienating” even her mom Raquel who is reportedly quietly sulking). But shouldn’t she remind her new “advisers” about the long Filipino tradition of pakikisama and utang na loob (debt of gratitude) so they may incorporate them into their American-style of managing a talent?

It pays to remember the Filipino saying, "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan." ["He who does not look back from where he came will never reach his destination."] Unless, of course, Charice feels that she has already reached her ultimate goal. But then, sayang [it's a waste] because she still has a long way to go.


The above artice is a year and a half old. What I know of Richard Lo is that he is a former fan turned harsh critic of Charice. So I will take whatever he says about Charice with a grain of salt.

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