12/10/12  ABS-CBN News - Vice Ganda tells Charice to ignore bashers Vipird10

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12/10/12 ABS-CBN News - Vice Ganda tells Charice to ignore bashers

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Vice Ganda tells Charice to ignore bashers

Posted at 12/10/2012 4:17 PM | Updated as of 12/10/2012 4:17 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Television host Vice Ganda gave his heartfelt advice to singer Charice, who is a favorite target of online ridicule.

Charice became the butt of jokes on social media, for instance, when she tried new hairstyles on the reality show “The X-Factor Philippines.”

During Charice’s guesting on “Gandang Gabi Vice” on Sunday, Vice Ganda told the singer that she should not let her bashers get to her because what is important is her own happiness.

“Sa ‘X-Factor’ ang laking dagundong ang ginawa ng tao tungkol sa buhok mo. Ako rin naman napansin ko iyon eh. Actually isa ako sa mga nag-react kasi nabigla ako, hindi ako sanay. Actually itong [curly hair] na ito, hindi ko ito masyadong gusto para sa iyo. Pero eh ano naman kung hindi ko gusto? Ang mahalaga, kung ano ang gusto mo,” [During the X-Factor, people made a big news out of your hair. Even I, noticed that, too. Actually, I am one of those who reacted because I was surprised...I'm not used to it. Actually this curly hair, I don't really like it for you. But does it matter if I don't like it? What's important is what you really want.], Vice Ganda said.

12/10/12  ABS-CBN News - Vice Ganda tells Charice to ignore bashers Vice_charice
TV host Vice Ganda gives his heartfelt advice to singer Charice.

Vice Ganda told the teary-eyed singer that he totally understands her situation because he also went through the same when he was younger.

Vice Ganda said Charice should just always remember that she should take control of her own life.

“Kung gusto mo magpakulot ng buhok, kahit ayaw ng buong mundo, kung gusto mo, gawin mo. Kahit ano pa ang sabihin namin. Dahil ang buhay mo, para sa iyo 'yan, hindi para sa amin. Puputak lang kami ng puputak pero ang magiging masaya ikaw pa rin?” [If you want to curl your hair, even if the whole world doesn't like it...but if you like it, do it. We may chatter endlessly but the person who will be happy is still you.] he said.

Telling Charice to just go on at what she does best, Vice Ganda reminded the young singer that she is still a source of pride for many Filipinos because of her achievements.

“Just go on Charice. Wala sa buhok iyan. Kahit ano pa ang buhok mo, kahit magpakalbo ka pa, ibuka mo lang ang bibig mo at kumanta ka, ikaw pa rin ang ipinagmamalaki ng buong Pilipinas. Ang daming magagandang buhok, pero hindi naman mahuhusay kumanta,” [Just go on Charice! It isn't about the hair. No matter what kind of hairstyle you have, and even if you go bald...just open your mouth and sing, you will always be the one that the whole Philippines take pride in.], he said.

“Puwede kong i-claim na mas maganda ang buhok ko kaysa sa buhok mo pero wala ako sa kalingkingan ng kakayayahan mo sa pagkanta. Kapit lang! Bwisitin mo sila ng bwisitan, mapapagod din sila,” [I may claim that my hair is more beautiful than yours but still I am very far from your abilty to sing. Just hold on! Keep on pestering them (referring to the bashers), they will get tired eventually.] he added.

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