04/24/12 - Manila Bulletin - Chance so confident Vipird10

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04/24/12 - Manila Bulletin - Chance so confident

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Chance so confident
April 24, 2012, 11:09am
Manila Bulletin

04/24/12 - Manila Bulletin - Chance so confident GREYSON
Greyson Chance's tongue-in-cheek
advice about critics : ‘If they break your
heart, break their bones’ (Photo by

MANILA, Philippines—The 14-year-old singer-songwriter Greyson Chance has a list of things he’d like to accomplish before becoming an adult -- including “stealing” a car and hopping on a public utility bus in New York.

“But I’d give the car back to the owner right away,” he told Bulletin Entertainment and other members of media at a press conference held April 23. “I’m just a wild child.”

Many of his songs, including the hits “Hold On ‘Til The Night,” “Stars,” “Broken Hearts,” “Unfriend You” and “Waiting Outside The Lines” (that has a duet version with Charice), cater mostly to people his age but Chance possesses confidence beyond his years. Recall that he got discovered after posing a video of himself performing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a six-grade music festival. And though there have been gigs where “only 10 fans came to watch” with “the piano broken and the mic ‘feedbacking,’” these did not daunt him from pursuing his dreams of reaching out to the world through music.

“It may sound cheesy but the songs I write are inspired by the world. The people around me, the fans I meet, the places I go to…”

He has worked with musicians twice his age but Chance doesn’t get intimidated knowing that they all have the same goal: to create good music. In his concert here Sunday, Chance performed “Running Away” to his Filipino fans, a song that he said he has never done live in the US.

Asked what type of people deserves to be “Unfriend”-ed, he said:

“I think jerks should be unfriended. In an interview, when we were talking about the same thing, I said, ‘If they break your heart, break their bones.’”

Chance’s eyes lit up when her duet with Charice was brought up. He says the Filipina “has the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard” and that she has “one of my favorite voices in pop music.” Though the two were not able to record “Waiting Outside The Lines” together, Chance is happy with the result of the collaboration.

The singer admits that he still gets anxious before a show, opting to sit quietly inside his dressing room an hour or so before hitting the stage.

“But it’s not really nervous, just anxious because I want to give my best since I love what I’m doing,” he quipped.

Chance, who took up piano lessons at age 3, has appeared several times on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” blowing away the famed comedienne and TV host with his talent. His videos have also been recommended by celebrities (David Archuleta, Ryan Seacrest) and prestigious media outlets in the US. He has ventured into acting recently, cast as the younger version of Jimmy Chance, the protagonist of TV series “Raising Hope.”

Chance told local media that he will finish his new album when he returns to the U.S. after his Southeast Asian tour and chill out a bit before promoting it.


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